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A ‘Best Of’ Variety Pack Collection of Hits - Double / 2 x CD Set


A NURSE WITH WOUND Variety Pack - ‘Best of’ collection of Nurse With Wound songs compiled by Steven Stapleton himself - Stapleton is the head ‘nurse’ and the original member of the surreallistic, dada, experimental, ever-changing band - Nurse With Wound… the band is Steven Stapleton and a cast of helping band members that is different on each release.

This CD is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in NWW but does not already know their work - it is a two disc set with songs from all of the various styles and periods of NWW music - over a period of several years from the 80s to current times - this CD touches on older and newer works - from surrealistic spoken word stories and non-structured experimental dadaistic sound-scapes to actual structured songs that ‘rock’.

Included is an excellent cover of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention’s tune ‘Trouble Comin’ Everyday’ from the first album ‘Freak Out’ - although this song was written by Zappa in ‘65/ ‘66 the lyrics couldn’t be more current - and the NWW version is amazing - also included is the hard rocking track ‘Two Shaves and a Shine’ - a song from the NWW album ‘An Awkward Pause’ - with David Tibet on vocals ( from ‘Current 93’ ) - in my opinion this is David Tibet’s best vocal track ever - incredible lyrics and delivery - also includes the spoken word / story track titled ‘A New Dress’ - a hilarious story about an abusive girlfriend. Some of the most bizarre ‘art music’ ever.

This double CD set is a great starting point to familiarize oneself with Nurse With Wound’s work - and if you are a fan already it is still a great CD to add to your collection. A diverse cross-section of work. Cover Art as usual by Babs Santini.

"Alas, the Madonna Does Not Function…"

Track Listing:

Disc One:
Six Buttons of Sex Appeal
Dirty Fingernails
Stick That Chick and Feel My Steel Through Your Last Meal
Subterranean Zappa Blues (Trouble Comin’ Everyday)
Ag Canadh Thuas Sa Speir
Die, Flip or Go To India
The Strange Play of the Mouth

Disc Two:
Optical Illusion Pad
Sea Armchair
A Piece of the Sky is Missing
Home Is Where the Heart Is / Monument For Perez Prado
A New Dress
Yagga Blues
Two Shaves and a Shine
Rock ‘n Roll Station
I Was No Longer His Dominant (Remix)

Castle/ Sanctuary Music Release - February 2005 - Double/ 2 x CD Set - NEW CDs /Still Sealed - PRICE: $15.00

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