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SUN RA: THE ETERNAL MYTH REVEALED - The Story of a Universal Being and His Music - Covering the periods from 1914 to 1959 - Volume One

Fourteen CD’s - 14 CD Box Set with 132 Page Book Included


Contains 16 hours and 54 minutes of rare material - with Sun Ra’s autobiographical commentary and narration by producer and Sun Ra Music Archive Executive Director Michael Anderson - Tons of Music, Interviews and Narration…

INCLUDES 132 page book with text and b&w illustrations and photos.

BOX SET Includes:

An Early History Examination // Sun Ra As An Arranger & Composer // Performing As A Sideman // As A Professional Vocal Coach // Mary Lou William’s Piano // Organ & Arrangement Influences // Piano & Solovox Recordings // Solo Piano Recordings // Afro-Cuban Jazz Influence // The Pat Patrick Rehearsals // Early Arkestra Recordings // The Early Avant Garde Rehearsals // Sun Ra R&B Doo Wop Group Recordings // Popular 1950’s R&B Doo Wop Recordings // Le Sony Ra Bop Quintet ‘Live at Budland’ 1956 // and much much more………..

Transparency/ Sun Ra Music Archive Release - 2011 Edition - 14 x CD Box Set with 132 Page Paperback Book — PRICE: $100.00

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