Unusual Books & Collage Art

* RARE BOOK - 1983 Edition:
'Autopsy of a Grand Painter' / 'Autopsie d' un Grand Peintre'

I do not speak or read French - I have a copy of this astounding book written in French - I have had trouble finding information about it - I saw it at a friends house years ago - I recently persuaded him to part with the book and have it in my possession - so I knew about it for years but only recently have actually gotten a copy - so now I may have to have it translated - it is so strange….

My friend explained it to me as a book about an artist who wanted to be embalmed with paint after his death - and I believe he said the autopsy would be performed by the ‘grand painter’s’ under-study/ art student, Dr. C. Chapiron - Also known in the underground art world as Kiki Picasso - is he a real doctor ??? I am not sure…?? - it seems to be autopsy doctor as surrealist making the ultimate surrealist art work !!

In the beginning of the book it shows the ‘doctor’ (?) putting what appears to be tubes of paint into the mouth of the deceased painter…
The painter is not mentioned by name as near as I can tell…

Artist / Autopsy Doctor, Christian Chapiron a.k.a. Kiki Picasso is also related to the Artist Lou Lou Picasso who did artwork for a Throbbing Gristle record cover - this gets more bizarre by the minute…. 

I will have to have my French friend look over and translate the minimal and sparse text explaining just what is going on in this highly unusual art book !!

Any translations of the text posted in these photos may be useful and helpful - fluent in French ??

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